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The path to divorce can seem like a confusing and uncharted course. Questions and uncertainties can feel overwhelming. Attorneys are considered to be the guides along this course. What few people realize, however, is that when they hire an attorney, they are typically signing on for a particular divorce process.

There are several processes for getting a divorce, and attorneys often choose the one with which they are most familiar. The process that suits the attorney may or may not be the process that a couple going through divorce would choose if given the option.

This web site provides descriptions of the legal divorce processes available to families in North Carolina for people who want to keep their divorce out of court, but who still want the protection and guidance of a good family law attorney as they go through the divorce process.

We are a consortium of professional firms, including lawyers, psychologists and financial planners. Each of the member professionals has had extensive training and experience in the collaborative divorce process for families in North Carolina.

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