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Co-Parenting Advisors

For couples who elect a Team Collaborative Process, the co-parenting advisors participate with the family law attorneys in the collaborative law proceedings as part of an interdisciplinary team. The co-parenting advisors focus on the children and the parenting the children receive during and after families make the transition from one home to two homes.

In the Team Collaborative Process, co-parenting advisors help guide parents toward a healthy, well-functioning co-parenting relationship even as the intimacy of the marital relationship is dissolved. Each parent works with his or her own co-parenting advisor in the process.

The primary goals of the co-parenting advisor are to:

  • Help parents develop mutually-agreed upon goals and objectives for the parenting plan
  • Help parents create and agree upon a mutually-beneficial parenting plan
  • Coach spouses on ways to communicate effectively and express emotions well
  • Prepare for their relationship as co-parents

The benefit of working with a co-parenting advisor is evidenced through more peaceful and efficient negotiations between the spouses.

The psychologists who take on the role of the co-parenting advisor are experienced and trained in the collaborative process. These doctors have participated in collaborative divorce training sessions to learn how to adapt their skills to support families in transition.