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Child Specialists

The psychologists listed on this website are part of the Families in Transition team at 3-C Family Services in Cary, North Carolina.

For couples who elect a Team Collaborative Process, the child specialists participate with the family law attorneys in the collaborative law proceedings as part of an interdisciplinary team.

The child specialist has an extremely important role in the collaborative divorce process for families with children. One of the goals of the collaborative divorce process is to shield the children from the anger and stress of their parents during this turbulent time. It is the child specialist’s role to bring the voice of the child to the parents during the appropriate meetings.

The child or children will meet privately with the child specialist. Usually, there are only one or two meetings per child. The child specialist will engage the child in discussions to learn how the child is experiencing the separation and what the child may not want to share directly with their parents.

The dynamics between spouses will often soften and open when they hear a request from their child’s point of view. Many spouses feel less defensive in the meetings when they are assured that their children’s interests are being independently represented in the discussion.

The psychologists listed on this website who take on the role of the child specialist are experienced and trained child psychologists. These doctors have participated in collaborative divorce training sessions to learn how to adapt their skills to this unique role.