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Brian Mackey

3-C Family Services
1901 N. Harrison Ave.
Suite 100
Cary, NC 27513
Phone: 919.677.0101
Fax: 919.677.0113
Dr. Brian Mackey, Ph.D. came to the collaborative divorce process to assist families after spending over 10 years repairing the trauma of divorce and separation as a therapist. As a Child Specialist, his unique ability to quickly build a trusting bond with children and adolescents allows him to provide families with the critical information necessary to move forward in the collaborative process. His goal is to truly understand the children he works with and provide the family with the most valuable and trustworthy information to move forward. Furthermore, his open, honest, and considering method of conveying the needs and wants of the children makes parents feel safe and validated even when difficult conversations are necessary.

Dr. Mackey’s specialties include a gift for earning the trust of children and adolescents and getting them to honestly discuss their true feelings about separation and divorce. From board games, to video games, to music, movies, TV, peer issues, school, sports, and church: Dr. Mackey speaks the language of children. His ability to relate puts children at ease; while simultaneously making them understand the importance of having a voice in the collaborative process. As one of the pioneers of the Child Specialist role in North Carolina, Dr. Mackey’s extensive experience in the field has allowed him to provide critical support to countless families.

Dr. Mackey earned his Bachelor’s degrees in Psychology and Philosophy from Hamdpen-Sydney College in Virginia. He earned his Master’s and Doctoral degree from Tulane University in New Orleans, Louisiana. He has worked as a psychologist in the New Orleans, New York, New Jersey, and North Carolina public and private school systems. In addition to having a thriving clinical practice as a therapist at 3-C Family Services, Dr. Mackey serves as an educational advocate working throughout the state of North Carolina to get children’s needs met in the school system.